Forming foreign direct investment policy in the Baltic states

Agnė Šimelytė

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation investigates the importance of foreign direct investment (further FDI) in the country, its role in economic development, and promotion peculiarities. The author examines the problems, which exist in attracting FDI, suggests the methods for their solving, and discusses their application possibilities. The object of research is the FDI policy in the Baltic States. The aim of research is to design the model for forming FDI policy, which would enable to form a complex FDI policy and to identify incentives the implementation of which towards FDI would bring the greatest benefit to the host economy.

The dissertation consists of introduction, 3 chapters, conclusions, references and 21 annexes.

The introduction reveals the problem under investigation, the importance of the dissertation and the object of research and describes the purpose and tasks of the paper, research methodology, scientific novelty, practical significance of the results examined in the paper and defended statements. The introduction ends with the presentation of the author’s publications on the subject offering the material of presentations delivered in conferences and the definition of the structure of the dissertation.

Chapter 1 explores the significance of attraction of targeted FDI, analyses the influence of FDI on the host economy, its links with the global financial crisis. The nature and variety of FDI policies, their application advantages and disadvantages, the aspects of employing FDI incentives are analysed as well.

Chapter 2 addresses the methods for FDI policy-making and its evaluation, deals with the problem of selecting a proper method for forming FDI policy, proposes the model for forming FDI policy, and suggests its implementation methodology.

In Chapter 3 empirical research is carried out, a theoretical model for forming FDI policy is adopted to frame FDI policy in the Baltic States, the model is applied to each state individually, and finally the guidelines are provided.

Twelve articles focusing on the subject of the dissertation have been published: one article – in the journal quoted by ISI Web of Science, nine articles – in the journal of EBSCO Business Source Complete, three of them in foreign scientific journals, two articles – in other peer reviewed editions. Five presentations on the topic of the dissertation were given in the conferences.

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