Investigation of multilayer structures in fire

Remigijus Guobys

Doctoral dissertation

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Quickly growing requirements of fire and people safety first of all determine actuality and solution necessity of high temperature isolation problems. One of the main criterions of design of such systems is esthetic, strength, and fire safety requirements. The main attention of the dissertation is intended to research effectiveness of high temperature isolation of multilayer mechanical systems and to define what influence has design of a multilayer system, its materials and their location in the layers. Several main tasks are solved in the work: definition of high temperature isolation effectiveness of multilayer system designs and research of reliability of material exposition in the layers. The first task is formulated, because after accomplish of literature review it is defined that not enough attention was committed for thermodynamic study of multilayer specialized designs. The second is connected with solution of the first task because when materials are esthetically attractive and fit requirements of strength, very important is to evaluate reliability of high temperature isolation of designs. Dissertation consists of Introduction, three sections and summation of results. Actuality of the problem is analyzed in the introduction, the goal and tasks of the work are formulated, the scientific novelty of the work is described, reports and publications of the author and structure of the dissertation are presented. The first chapter is committed to literature review. Analysis of multilayer mechanical system designs, simulation and experimental research of temperature deformations are presented. Conclusions are formulated and goals of the dissertation are corrected at the end of chapter. At the second chapter mathematical models of analyzed design are presented and the simulation of designs of searched systems is done. At the third chapter high temperature isolation and temperature deformations of multilayer structures are experimentally researched.Two papers are published and two reports in Lithuanian and other country conferences are read: two – in paper lists, involved in Thomson ISI register, one – in conference material referred in ISI data base, one – in referenced international journal, one – in referenced International Conference materials; two European and four Lithuanian patents are received.

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