The research of photovoltaic converters energy quality improvement methods

Andrius Platakis

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation deals with a problem of photovoltaic converter power quality. The tasks of passive harmonic compensation using the low pass filter and active harmonic compensation method using photovoltaic energy have been solved. It has been proposed to develop the photovoltaic converters, which deliver to electrical grid not only the main harmonic but higher harmonics, necessary for reducing current and voltage distortions, as well.

The dissertation includes introduction, three chapters, conclusions, references and list of author’s publications on the topic of dissertation.

The introduction reveals the investigated problem, topicality, object of research and describes the purpose and tasks of the dissertation, introduces the research methodology, scientific novelty, practical significance of results and presents the defended statements of dissertation. The introduction ends in presenting the author’s presentations in conferences and defining the structure of the dissertation.

The analysis of literature is presented, the structures of photovoltaic converters are analyzed, the methods of improvement of power quality generated by the converters using passive and active harmonic compensation methods are studied in the Chapter 1. At the end of the Chapter 1 the conclusions are drawn and the tasks for the dissertation are reconsidered.

The results of simulation and experimental investigation of passive harmonic compensation of power provided by the photovoltaic converter using the low pass filter are presented in the Chapter 2. The total harmonic distortion dependences on filter components parameters and parameters of photovoltaic converter output voltage are given. The analysis of power losses in the low pass filter are analyzed, the means of power losses reduction in the low pass filter are fixed.

The results of investigation of active harmonic compensation method using energy delivered by photovoltaic converter are presented in the Chapter 3. The feedback control system of main harmonic based on the resonant controller is developed and investigated. The model of photovoltaic converter with active harmonic compensation for dynamic systems simulation software Simulink is created and analysis of converter operation using simulation has been performed. The workbench for the experimental investigation of photovoltaic converter with the active harmonic compensation feature has been developed. The experimental investigation results show that the proposed photovoltaic converter is able to perform the active harmonic compensation function.

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