Influence of the changes in bitumen properties on asphalt pavement performance

Miglė Paliukaitė

Doctoral dissertation

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Bitumen quality is one of the most important factors to determine the properties of asphalt mixture and performance of the whole asphalt pavement structure during road operation. Bitumen is a crude oil product, which chemical properties differ depending on the type of crude oil and bitumen production technology. The increase in demand for petroleum products encourages scientists to take a more deep interest in the properties of bitumen, as of the end-product of oil refining, and their effect on rutting of asphalt pavements.

The aim of the dissertation is to determine the effect of bitumen chemical composition, structure and of their change on asphalt pavement performance.

The dissertation consists of introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, recommendations, the list of references, the list of author’s publications on the topic of the dissertation, summary in English and addenda. Introduction describes the studied problem, topicality of the work and the object of research, the formulated aim and tasks, research methodology, scientific novelty, practical value of results, the defended propositions and the scope of the scientific work. Chapter 1 contains a review of research works, describes the types and grades of crude oil and bitumen, the effect of crude oil on bitumen constitution. The chapter gives the analysis of structural elements, elemental composition, functional groups and fractional composition of bitumen taking into consideration the type of crude oil, bitumen production technology and the effect of short-term aging. Chapter 2 describes determination and evaluation of the relationship between bitumen constitution and mechanical properties of bitumen, gives the analysis of the change in chemical properties and microstructure of bitumen during short-term aging and its effect on mechanical properties of bitumen. The chapter presents the object of experimental research, also the plan, the stages, the materials and equipment used in the experiment, gives the research results of physical, chemical and mechanical properties of bitumen and the analysis of results. Chapter 3 determines bitumen resistance to rutting based on the requirements of Performance Grade Bitumen Specifications (PG). A statistical evaluation of the relationship between chemical composition and mechanical properties of bitumen was carried out. A comparison of the qualitative parameters of bitumen was performed and the economic effect of the use of bitumen was estimated taking into consideration the relationship of cost and resistance to short-term aging.

On the topic of the dissertation 10 scientific articles were published: three – in scientific journals included in the Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge (ISI Web of Science), three – in the ISI Proceedings, four – in other proceedings of international conferences. On the topic of the dissertation, three presentations were made in three scientific conferences.

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