Multi-stage assessment of sustainable building technologies deployment

Simona Kildienė

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation investigates expansion and efficiency of technologies with the help of sustainability principles.

The main aim of the thesis – to suggest the multistage model for assessment into expansion of technologies in the construction market and the algorithm for its practical application. To adjust multi-attributed decision making methods and suggest their combinations for assessment into technology expansion factors on macro, meso and micro levels.

The thesis comprises an introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, list of references, list of publications by the author on the subject of the dissertation and annexes.

The introductory part presents the researched problem, relevance of the thesis, the research object, formulated aim and objectives, scientific novelty of the thesis and defended statements. Closing remarks of the introduction introduce presentations given by the author at conferences as well as publications, and the structure of the dissertation.

The first chapter provides the literature review on the research topic, reviews sustainability principles and interplay between dimensions particular to expansion of new technologies in a sustainable construction market. The analysis is focused on problems in deployment of innovative construction technologies. Additionally, it reviews models for assessment of sustainable construction and use of multi-attribute methods within the remits of researched topic. The chapter closes with conclusions and revised objectives of the thesis.

The second chapter introduces the classification of multi-attribute decision making methods and analyses their fitness for solving the problem presented in the thesis. It suggests combinations of multi-attribute decision analysis methods for assessment into the potential of construction technologies/products in the market. Finally, it presents the theoretical multistage model.

Chapter three presents practical application of the multistage assessment model designed for the assessment into the expansion of a new construction technology/product in the market.

Eleven scientific articles were published on the topic of the dissertation, five of which – in peer-reviewed journals of Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge (ISI Web of Science), five – in proceedings of various scientific conferences, and one – in other Lithuanian peer-reviewed publications.

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