Modelling study of mechanical behaviour of concrete-to-rebar bond under tension

Saulius Pilkavičius

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation describes analytical method which was developed by the author for the mechanical behaviour analysis of the reinforcement and concrete bond under tension at macro level and validation process of this method carried out. To perform discretisation of heterogeneous structure, an original interaction model of two spherical particles estimating interface layer was developed. Additionally, specialised software of discrete element method was developed for the analysis of the bond mechanical behaviour of heterogeneous structure reinforced by rod under tension at micro level, and formation mechanism of the micro cracking model at macro level explained using this software.

The thesis consists of an introduction, three main sections, conclusions, the list of used literature and author’s publications on dissertation topic.

The introductory section discusses the research problem, the relevance of the work, the research object and methods, formulates the aim and the tasks of the work, and describes the scientific novelty and relevance, practical significance of the results. The end of introduction presents publications and presentations at conferences on the topic of dissertation and its structure.

The first section is devoted to the review of literature on study topic. It contains separate models of the materials and their behaviour, simulation methods of the continuum and the interaction between the reinforcement and concrete. The conclusions allowing formulation of the tasks of the dissertation are given in the end of this section.

The second section sets out the problem and macro analysis of the tensioned reinforced concrete element carried out using developed analytical model which was validated by the numerical finite element method.

The third section describes original interaction model of two spherical particles, development of micromechanical model applying designed discrete model, briefly discusses opportunities of developed specialised software. It also entails numerical results which were obtained in micro studies of the bond mechanical behaviour of heterogeneous structure reinforced by rod and compared with other authors’ experimental studies results.

The dissertation topic was discussed in three articles, of which two articles were published in the Thomson ISI register and one in the conference material in Thomson ISI database, one more was accepted for publication. Ten presentations on the subject were delivered in conferences at national and international level.

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