Selection method of technologies transforming renewable energy sources of the site

Vygantas Žėkas

Doctoral dissertation

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Renewable energy sources (RES) flows reaching the site of the building as renewable energy potential disposable at the site is analyzed in this doctoral dissertation. Theoretical and technical evaluation of the potential is performed. The main objective – comprehensively evaluate the RES potential disposable on site and develop a method used to create the initial technological concept of RES transformation that would be the most relevant to meet the needs of energy users. Sequence of technologies’ priorities of the concept and outcomes of potential evaluation shall be taken as the basis for further site development simulation.

The doctoral dissertation consists of introduction, three chapters, conclusions and the list of references.

Relevance of the dissertation, the object of the research and the main objective are discussed in the introduction chapter. Here, the tasks needed to reach the main objectives also the defensive statements were developed as well as the research methods, novelty of the study and practical benefits were presented. Approbation of the results is supplied at the end of the introduction part.

Review of scientific and practical researches of RES integration as well as its scoping is presented in the first chapter. It also includes the overview of meteorological data collection and use as well as statistical data processing methods and options of its use. Principles of RES transformation technologies initial simulation and applied methods are also discussed. Performed overview of researches allows to set the directions of the studies as well as to develop the tasks to achieve the objectives of the study.

Study developed methods of theoretical and technical RES potential comprehensive setting and RES transformers selection are presented in the second chapter. Algorithm of actions and developed mathematical models are presented.

General results of three case studies and detailed evaluation of one case study results are presented in the third chapter. The analysis is performed on the basis of the selection method of technologies transforming the renewable energy of the site.

The research was supported by the Research Council of Lithuania.

6 articles are published on the topic of this doctoral dissertation: three – in peer-reviewed scientific periodical journals, two in material of international and one in national conferences.

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