Evaluation of car parking lots in cities by multicriteria methods

Vytautas Palevičius

Doctoral dissertation

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This dissertation examines the shortage of motor vehicle parking spaces in the city area. The object of this research is the allocation of passenger car parking spaces in cities. A criteria system for car parking spaces in cities was formed using the expert estimate method. By using multi-criteria methods, the criteria were grouped and their factor value was calculated, which helped to establish the priorities of the criteria and to determine the most rational places for parking lots in the city area. This research aims to suggest a model for developing an infrastructure of car parking spaces in the city and to present original conceptual solutions for the expansion of parking lots.

The dissertation comprises an introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, a list of literature, and a list of publications.

The introduction specifies the problem, describes the relevance of the paper, names the research object, the aim and objectives, its scientific novelty, and the defended statements. Finally, it lists publications and conference presentations of the author, describes the author’s participation in international seminars and presents the structure of the dissertation.

Chapter one introduces the literature overview of the subject analysis and discusses the study of the scientific research carried out in this field. It also presents the examination of the normative documents in Lithuania, the European Union and in other countries, which regulate motor car parking in different areas of the town.

Chapter two discusses the investigation of car parking spaces in residential areas and in shopping center parking lots. The criteria system for car parking spaces in the city is established and its value is counted. Moreover, the concept and the theoretical model of the park and ride system are suggested.

Chapter three examines the evaluation system of shopping mall parking lots by incorporating multi-criteria methods; the strategy for systematical selection of park and ride car parking system in the city is suggested; three original conceptual parking lot models, which are applicable to the real city area, are created.

Five scientific publications are announced on the topic of this dissertation out of which: two are referred by the Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge (ISI Web of Science) database and reviewed in scientific journals; two publications are presented in international conferences and one publication appears in another peer reviewed scientific journal.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20334/2269-M

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