Investigation into the dynamic processes of transmission elements of vehicles

Viktor Skrickij

Doctoral dissertation

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The thesis examines the problems of assessing the condition of vehicle transmission. The investigated objects include the most frequent defective elements of transmission, rolling bearings and gear drives. The technical condition of the introduced objects affects the efficiency of the device. Monitoring changes in their condition allows the rational use of unit resources and ensures a reduction in downtime. The thesis is mainly aimed at working out methodologies and algorithms intended for establishing defects found in transmission elements of vehicles and at monitoring their growth.

The thesis focuses on a few problems: makes mathematical models for the defective elements of transmission and considers the impact of defects on changes in dynamic parameters. Also, experimental research on the dynamical processes of the defective elements of transmission is carried out thus investigating the suitability of vibration measurement and acoustic emission techniques on the diagnostics of transmission elements of vehicles. On the basis of the obtained results of the conducted theoretical and experimental research, the methodology for testing transmission elements of vehicles is devised.

The thesis includes introduction, four chapters, summarized results, lists of references and publications prepared by the author and appendixes.

The introduction covers the object of research, the investigated problem, the relevancy of the thesis, the aim and objectives. Moreover, the chapter describes the application of research methods and equipment, the scientific novelty of the work, practical significance of the received results and defended statements. At the end of the introduction, the author’s publications concerning the investigated topic, presentations at conferences and the structure of the thesis are provided.

The first chapter covers literature review and presents topics for the available mathematical models of transmission elements of vehicles and experimental research. The second chapter deals with mathematical models for rolling bearings and spur gear. The third chapter presents experimental research on the rolling bearing as well as on spur and hypoid gears.

4 articles have been published on the topic of the thesis, two of which have been included in the journals added to the Thomson Reuters/ISI Web of Science List and two – to the peer-reviewed journals. Two presentations on the topic concerning the defended thesis at two international conferences were made.

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