An improvement of a methodology for the research of gravity field non-homogeneity

Rosita Birvydienė

Doctoral dissertation

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Dissertation improves methodology for assessment of the non-homogeneity of the gravity field dealing with non-parallelity of equipotential surface of the normal and real gravity fields, and the differences among the gravity and coordinate systems that can be used to reduce gravimetric data, to determine normal heights differences, to clarify the geoid and quasigeoid shape and for many other tasks. Improved methodology for assessment of disturbing potential impact to gravity field elements can be applied to geodetic, gravimetric and geodetic – astronomical measurements data reduction to the same epoch.

The dissertation consists of introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, the list of references, the list of author’s publication on the topic of the dissertation and summary in English.

The introduction describes the investigated problem and topicality of the work and the object of research, presents the aim and task of the work, the research methodology, scientific novelty and practical value of the doctoral work and defended propositions. At the end the author’s publications and reports made in various conferences are presented either the structure of thesis.

The first chapter contains a review of research works on gravity field nonhomogeneity and analysis of its variation, discusses the problems related to gravity field investigations, the advantages and disadvantages of the gravimetric method, and formulates the research objectives.

The second chapter, based on the potential theory, describes the evaluation methodology of Earth normal and disturbing gravity field non-homogeneity. The most popular in use normal gravity fields are presented. The results of investigation of automatic quartz gravimeters are presented. The impact of the disturbing potential to the gravity field elements, related to geodetic measurements, was investigated.

The third chapter gives the assessment on the non-homogeneity of the gravity field in territory of Lithuania. The relation between gravity systems was determined and the assessment of Lithuanian gravimetric Bouguer anomaly map accuracy was carried out. The evaluation of two global gravity models for Lithuanian territory was performed. The data of gravimetric measurements were revised in order to improve the quasigeoid model.

Dissertation topic is printed in 10 scientific articles, three – in the databases included in the ISI Web of Science's list; one – the database ISI Proceedings' publications; three – other international publications databases, one – in international conferences, two – in other international and national conference proceedings. On the topic of dissertation presentations were made in ten conferences in Lithuania and abroad.

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