The complex rationality‘s justification of struc-tures in the sea environment

Vygantas Bagočius

Doctoral dissertation

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This research investigates marine structures and assesses them with the help of multi-attribute decision making methods.

The thesis aimed to propose models for analysis and assessment of possible options for marine structure development (deep-water avant-port, LNG terminal and wind farm) as well as perform the multi-attribute assessment of these objects.

The thesis is comprised of introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, references, the list of publications produced by the author on the topic of the dissertation and annexes.

The introductory chapter discusses the researched problem, relevance of the thesis, describes the research object, formulates the aim and objectives, describes scientific novelty of the thesis and defended statements. Closing remarks of the introduction list presentations given by the author at conferences as well as publications, and present the structure of the dissertation.

The first chapter provides the literature review on the researched topic. It presents the review of port infrastructures, short comparison of the Port of Klaipėda with competing ports of the Baltic Sea. In addition, it analyses the need for LNG terminal and its construction options in Klaipėda. Furthermore, it overviews possibilities to build a wind farm in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Lithuania. The chapter closes with formulation of conclusions and revised objectives of the thesis.

The second chapter introduces developmental directions for marine structures, the concept of multi-attribute decision making and grouping of multi-attribute assessment methods as well as provides multi-attribute methods used for the assessment of marine structures.

Chapter three presents solution of practical problems particular to different marine structures (selection of a deep-water port, selection of the site of the LNG terminal and selection of the wind farm model, defining the sequence of construction works and defining the type of foundations for a wind turbine).

Six scientific articles were published on the topic of the dissertation, four of which – in peer-reviewed journals of Thomson ISI Web of Science; in addition, two articles were presented in national and international conferences.

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