Productivity management of intellectual work using biometric technologies

Lina Bartkienė

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation examines intellectual workers’ labour productivity management problem. In order to improve decision-making process of intellectual workers labour productivity analysis and selection of its improvement measures, in the dissertation is proposed conceptual model of intellectual worker productivity management and on the basis of model web-based biometric recommender decision support system for intellectual worker productivity management is developed.

The aim of the research – to create a conceptual model of an intellectual worker productivity management and on its basis – the decision support system, which will provide an opportunity to determine the intellectual worker’s productivity more objectively, help to identify factors, having a negative influence on it and provide recommendations for reducing an effect of these factors.

Disertation consists of an introduction, three chapters, research generalization, a summary of the literature and the author’s publications on the dissertation topic and two annexes.

Introductory chapter discusses the research problem, the relevance of research and describes the object of the formulated aim and objectives, describes the research methodology, scientific novelty, the results of practical significance. Introductory chapter is concluded with the dissertation author publications and conferences, reports and thesis structure.

The first two chapters are devoted to literature review and development of conceptual model of intellectual work productivity management. In the first chapter the overview of the concept of labour productivity is presented, highlighted the intellectual worker productivity assessment problem and analysed job performance appraisal methods and the overview of application of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and created intelligent systems of the basis of it is presented. The second chapter is devoted to overview of factors affecting intellectual workers’ labour productivity and interrelationship of physiological reactions and labour productivity and feasibility analysis of self-assessment, biometric analysis methods, on the basis of literature overview the conceptual model of intellectual work productivity management was developed. The third section presents the description developed web-based biometric recommender decision support system for intellectual work productivity management.

The main findings were discussed at five scientific conferences. The main research results are presented in eight scientific publications.

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