Modelling of stratified dielectric medium stripline delay devices

Šarūnas Mikučionis

Doctoral dissertation

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Problem of investigation of stripline delay devices in stratified dielectric medium is considered in the dissertation.

In the first chapter scientific publications regarding modelling of stripline delay devices and microwave devices in planar stratified dielectric medium, issued from 1976 to 2014 year are analytically reviewed. Areas of applications, methods of analysis and design and problems in modelling and design are analyzed.

In the second chapter models of coupled and multiconductor microstrip lines in nonhomogenous dielectric medium are analyzed. Conditions for ensuring normal wave propagation in the lines are researched. Such lines can serve as the basis for stripline meander delay line modelling. The possibilities of equalizing phase velocities for odd and even normal wave propagation in coupled striplines in stratified dielectric medium are analyzed. The effect of air microlayer in double shielded stripline devices is reseached by using the created model.

Techniques for synthesis, i.e. obtaining constructional parameters according to the desired electrical characteristics of multiconductor microstrip lines operating in even and odd normal mode have been created and researched. The proposed technique is based on iterative calculation of characterisitics by changing parameters, until the desired characteristic value is obtained.

Effect of equalizing phase velocities of electromagnetic wave in strips of microstrip meander delay line to frequency characteristics have been investigated. Meander delay line based on the multiconductor line operating in even mode was designed and its characteristics were calculated using commercial software.

Influence of air microlayer in packaged double shielded meander stripline delay line has been investigated. The delay line was designed and its characteristics were calculated by two different techniques – the proposed modelling technique combined with S-matrix method and modelled with comercial software based on the method of moments. A prototype double shielded meander delay line has been produced and its characteristics have been measured in order to check the correctness of the model. Comparisson of calculations and measurement differed by no more than 2%.

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