Research of a flexure based micropositioning stages

Giedrius Augustinavičius

Doctoral dissertation

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The main idea of curent PhD thesis is developement and research of a flexure based micropositioning stage for calibration of rotary encoder‘s raster or code scales on the angle comparator, the mathematical approach and experimental validation of the proposed stages.

There are several main goals such as analyses scientific literature about micropositioning stages, application of the flexure mechanisms in the field of micropositioning, statics and dynamical modeling of a flexure based micropositioning stages with mechanical and piezoelectrical actuators, finite element analyses of a proposed micropositioning stages and experiments.

The dissertation consists of Introduction, 3 chapters, Conclusions, References and 10 Annexes.

The introduction reveals the investigated problem, importance of the thesis and the object of research and describes the purpose and tasks of the paper, research methodology, scientific novelty, the practical significance of results examined in the paper and defended statements. The introduction ends in presenting the author’s publications on the subject of the defended dissertation, offering the material of made presentations in conferences and defining the structure of the dissertation.

Chapter 1 covers an analysis of nano-, micropositioning stages, application of compliant mechanisms for presice positioning, hysteresis effect in piezo positioning stages and methods, used for compensate it. At the end of the chapter, conclusions are drawn and the tasks for the dissertation are reconsidered.

Chapter 2 describes the statics and dynamical modeling and finite element analyses of the proposed flexure based micropositioning stages. Hysteresis identification and inverse hysteresis compensation models are established.

Chapter 3 presents experimental analyses of an accuracy parameters and dynamical characteristics of the proposed micropositioning stages.

8 articles focusing on the subject of the discussed dissertation are published: three articles – in the Thomson ISI register, four articles – in other register, one – in material reviewed during international conference, 6 presentations on the subject have been given in conferences at national and international level.

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