Research of circular raster scales in compact disk

Deividas Sabaitis

Doctoral dissertation

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The raster scales play a large role and ensures precise angle of rotation of a wide range of machining centers, rotary tables, transfer mechanisms, spectrometers, telescopes, etc in the nowadays technology. The thesis deals with both basic and classic angle measurement techniques, laser measurement systems and angle encoders. The main object of this research work is implementation of the angular measurement system for a new type angular scales, which are produced on CD base by applying laser technology. Analysis and theoretical justification of the new laser marking and measuring method. The dissertation consists of introduction, three chapters, conclusions, bibliography and author of publications on the topic as well and three annexes.

The first chapter is an overview of the literature and its sources, which is collected on the basis of the information required for further work. The classical angle measurement techniques are analyzed so that to assess their measuring advantages and imperfections. The angle measurement equipment and techniques such as the comparator are presented and parameters of precision some standarts are submitted. Great attention is intended for evaluation process of the investigation of circular scales, and their line position. Also revised dissertation work tasks. Modern measurement techniques for circular scales are analyzed, angle encoders, also the new optical measurement systems Cybertechnology are presented in this chapter.

In the second chapter was presented analytical and experimental research of the new optical and geodetic adjustment device (alignment – levelling table). The new, original data to evaluate stability of this device was found in this chapter as well.

The third (last) chapter is the experimental optical measurements with different optical measurement systems of the new CD circular scales. Section provides a mathematical model for imaging of the line. Found a new, original data to evaluate the errors of the position of the line.

The topic of the dissertation was published in 8 articles: five – conference proceedings, three in  ISI database. The patent on the topic of the dissertation is registered in the patent bureau in Lithuania.

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