Assessment of networking of higher education institution

Justas Nugaras

Doctoral dissertation

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Networking phenomenon of a Higher Education Institution (HEI) is investigates in this dissertation, thus addressing the problem of networking assessment evolving from the need to use the networking for the strategic management of the HEI in a more extensive way. Also the possibilities of managing the networking of higher education more effectively are investigated in order to support growing networking based activities of internationalisation, collaboration and interdisciplinarity indicating the relevance of the thesis. At a scientific level, a lack of different tools for assessing and monitoring the networking and portfolio of the HEI can be noticed, which may assist in understanding the surrounding network on more systematic grounds.  The object of the dissertation is the networking (entering and participation in the network and interaction with other institutions) of the Higher Education Institution. The core of the dissertation is the development and empirical testing of a Networking Assessment Model that would increase the strategic use of networking in order to improve the competitiveness of HEIs.

The dissertation consists of the introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and 9 annexes.

Chapter 1 presents networking phenomena in contemporary management and further proceeds with a review of networking in public sector management which leads to the analysis of network assessment methods and to the formulation of the scientific problem of the thesis.

Chapter 2 turns the structure and overview of the Network Assessment Model (NAM) into a more detailed explanation of three stages of the model: Stage 1 adapts multi-criteria methods for the assessment of networking, Stage 2 presents assessment applying network pictures and Stage 3 explains how to transform the results of network assessment into strategic insights.

Chapter 3 assesses the networking of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in order to test the NAM and derives recommendations for strategies on developing more effective networking in the fields of research and studies.

6 publications focusing on the subject discussed in the dissertation have been issued: 4 of those have been included in internationally recognized databases, 1 represents conference material and 1 is a study.

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