Country risk assessment in economic security and sustainability context

Tatjana Sviderskė

Doctoral dissertation

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In the dissertation the issues of country risk assessment in economic security and sustainability context are investigated. The main object of research is country risk and its structural components. The dissertation‘s main goal is to analyze valuation methods of country risk from different perspectives and suggest a model for country risk measurement which allows to adequately evaluate country risk, economic security and economic sustainability level and dynamics, including structural components and their relationships.

The dissertation approaches several main tasks: to highlight the importance of country risk evaluation and its assessment in growing global markets, analyzing causes and elements of country risk based on other scientific researches; to explore and clarify advantages and disadvantages of country risk assessment methods, as well as to investigate sources of country risk and ways how to manage the risk; to apply quantitative and qualitative methods for analysis, formulate, create and present country risk assessment model in economic security and sustainability context, which will identify factors, influencing country risk and determine their direct and indirect relationship between each other. The last task is to verify practical suitability of country risk assessment model by performing empirical analysis in EU Baltic Sea region countries, identifying directions for mitigating risk effects.

The dissertation consists of introduction, 3 chapters, general conclusions, references, list of publications by the author on the topic of dissertation and 4 annexes. The introduction presents the investigated problem, importance of the thesis, the object of research and describes the goal and tasks of the thesis, as well as research methodology, importance of scientific novelty, the practical significance of results and defended statements. The introduction ends with the author’s publications on the topic of the dissertation and states the structure of the thesis. Chapter 1 presents analysis of concepts and methodologies of country risk, further describing economic sustainability concept and economic security approach. Chapter 2 presents analysis of assessment methods for country risk and its assessment, analysis of multicriteria methods MOORA and MULTIMOORA and approaches of different rating agencies and analysis of those approaches. Chapter 3 presents suggested country risk assessment model as well as investigated results of empirical approbations of the model in EU Baltic Sea region countries. At the end of the dissertation, general conclussions are presented.

4 articles focusing on the topic of the dissertation are published to approve the results.

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