Development of high power square wave electroporators

Vitalij Novickij

Doctoral dissertation

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High power microsecond and submicrosecond electric pulse generation and the devices for pulse generation (electroporators) development and application problem is focused in the dissertation. The electric field technologies, pulse forming circuits and circuit transient process compensation methods are investigated.

The introduction presents the investigated problem, objects of research, importance of the dissertation, describes research methodology, scientific novelty and the defended statements.

In the first chapter the scientific publications in the area of the high power electric pulses generation and application for biological cell permeabilization are overviewed. The influence of the pulse parameters on the biological effects is analysed. The requirements for the electroporators are identified.

In the second chapter the prototypes of the high power square wave 5 μs – 10 ms up to 4 kV, 100 A and 200 ns – 5 μs up to 8 kV, 100 A electroporators are developed. The models for investigation of the transient processes in the circuits and the solutions for compensation are overviewed. The adequacy of the proposed models to the experimental results is analysed.

The interdigitated microelectrodes structure for planar electroporation is proposed. The resultant electric field distribution and the cell medium temperature rise due to the Joule heating are investigated.

The third chapter is focused on the experimental application of the developed high power microsecond and submicrosecond electroporators prototypes in biological experiments. The experimental results with different cell types are presented and conclusions are formed.

Research results on the dissertation subject are published in 
5 scientific articles: 3 articles – Thomson Reuters ISI Web of Science database journals with impact factor, 2 – publications referenced and abstracted in other international databases, 4 presentations have been made in international conferences in Lithuania, Netherlands, Germany and Japan.

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