Economic structure and economic growth evaluation

Toma Lankauskienė

Doctoral dissertation

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Economic structure encompasses the composition of growth determinants of each industry and their aggregation to the growth of the gross value added in the present dissertation. Changes in the composition of determinants impact the growth rate of the individual industries and the total economy. Industrial growth determinants are composed of hours worked and particular labour productivity constituents. The growth determinants of different economies are central to both the research and political agendas. The main object of the present research is the determinants of industrial growth and their impact for economic growth. The main goal of the dissertation is to estimate the composition of industrial growth determinants and evaluate their impact on the growth of the total economy. The dissertation encompasses the following tasks: to research industrial performance and economic growth interrelations; to evaluate critically the methods of labour productivity measurement, to ground the reasons of the new method application and its improvement possibilities; to compose a methodology, in order to estimate industrial growth determinants and labour productivity constituents for the growth of the total economy; to apply the methodology for countries researched; to perform a comparative analysis of Lithuania in the context of more developed countries.

The dissertation consists of an introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, references, summary in Lithuania, a list of publications by the author on the topic of the dissertation and three annexes. The introduction presents the investigated problem, the relevance of the dissertation, the object and the aim of the research, describes the research methodology used for the task, the scientific importance of the research, the results which are of practical significance and the statements to be defended.  Chapter 1 presents a theoretical studio of industrial performance and economic growth attitudes. Chapter 2 presents the main groups of methods for estimating industrial labour productivity. Chapter 3 presents the newly composed methodology and empirical estimation results of Lithuania in the context of more developed countries. The general conclusions are presented at the end of the dissertation.

Ten articles focusing on the subject of the dissertation have been published: eight articles were published in scientific journals, two articles – in other editions. Three presentations on the thesis have been presented at the Business management faculty of Vilnius Gediminas technical university during seminars for doctoral students, and a further two at international conferences. Discussions on the calculations have been carried out during a scientific internship (16/09/2014–16/11/2014) at the IVIE research centre (Valencia, Spain) and at the University of Valencia (Valencia, Spain) with researchers after the presentations had been given.

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