Pyrolytic charring of timber

Andrejus Jefimovas

Doctoral dissertation

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The thesis analyses the combustion and charring mechanism for different species of natural as well as fire retardant and antiseptic solution treated wood depending on the environmental medium, extinguishing conditions and application of fire retardant solutions. Quite a number of scientific investigations are currently taking place with natural and fire retarder treated wood where the main attention is focused on creation of fire retarders and study of their efficiency. However, little attention is paid to finding out characteristics of wood combustion and charring processes under different environmental conditions and determining extinguishing efficiency of burning wood. These factors also affect accuracy of fire cause identification and rate of its liquidation which would reduce losses incurred. The thesis addresses the task to investigate the combustion and charring mechanism in untreated and fire retarder treated wood depending on the environmental medium and extinguishing conditions.

The thesis consists of the introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, the lists of the literature and the author’s publications on the topic of the thesis.

The introduction discusses the problem of research, topicality of the thesis, describes the object of research and formulates the aim and tasks of the thesis, its scientific novelty, practical significance of achieved results and defended statements. At the end of the introduction the publications and conference reports by the author and the structure of the thesis are presented.

Chapter One is dedicated to the literature review. In the end of the chapter there are conclusions presented and the tasks of the thesis formulated.

Chapter Two describes the materials used for research, research methods and equipment.

Chapter Three investigates peculiarities of combustion and charring processes of natural and fire retarder treated wood, dependency of the processes on the gaseous medium, variation of electrical capacitance and electrical conduc- tivity in order to give the qualitative evaluation of the fire retarder usage.

In the end of the work the general conclusions are formulated.

Five articles have been published on the topic of the thesis, two of them – in the sets of articles included in the list of Thomson ISI Web of Science and two articles – in the international data base Index Copernicus. Seven reports on the topic of the thesis have been delivered at the conferences in Lithuania and other countries.

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