Research on the dynamic processes of the interaction between the damaged wheels of a railway vehicle and rails

Rasa Žygienė

Doctoral dissertation

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The dynamical characteristics of the interaction between a wheel of a railway vehicle and a rail must be evaluated in order to ensure traffic safety, to design and utilize the railway vehicle and to determine its constructional standards and maintenance regulations.

Research problems, aim and objectives have been formulated in the thesis following an overview of the methods created by Lithuanian and foreign scientists and applied for determining the dynamical process that occur between the interacting wheel and rail.

The first chapter of the dissertation looks at damage to and faults in the wheel of the railway vehicle and the rail and analyzes their causes, requirements and possible methods of their disposal.

The second chapter describes the developed mathematical method for the system „Vehicle-Track“, which allows determining the interaction between the wheel flat and the rail. The system „Vehicle-Track“ has been modelled for estimating the mechanical and physical properties of subgrade soil, sleepers, the rail and the pad as well as for assessing the dynamical properties of the vehicle moving at different velocities and having wheel flats of different sizes.

The third chapter focuses on the methodology for determining a vertical wheel load (KAM) according to theoretical and experimental research data. The expression of a mathematical function of impact force occurring due to the interaction between the wheel flat and the rail has been proposed thus evaluating the velocity of the vehicle, the geometrical parameters of the interacting bodies, its physical and mechanical properties and the parameters of the flat.

The fourth chapter researches dynamical processes and wheel flats using the established mathematical model for the system „Vehicle-Track“.

Due to impact force affecting the interaction of the wheel and the rail, the use of a simplified expression of the function has assisted with defining the maximum values and influence of this force on the rail and the wheel.

The obtained experimental results have been compared with the findings received by other authors and with the ATLAS-LG system used in JSC Lithuanian Railways for identifying maximal forces under the interaction between the wheel and the rail.

The dissertation covers the introduction, four chapters, a conclusions, a list of references, a list of the author’s publications concerning the topic of the thesis and three annexes.

Under the topic of the dissertation, six articles have been published and six presentations have been made at national and international conferences.

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