Investigation and diagnostics measurement of centrifugal milk separator rotor systems with vibration damping

Andrius Trumpa

Doctoral dissertation

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Dynamic characteristics and diagnostic measurement problem actuality and solution necessity of centrifugal milk separators first of all determine quickly growing requirements of reliability and productivity. One of the main of such systems diagnostic criterions is uprise of unexpected failures and probability of an ecological accident. Main attention in the dissertation (theses) is given to investigate influence of indirect measurements and vibration of centrifugal milk separator elements on stability of technological process and to use maximally technical possibilities of equipment and as much as possible to elongate the time of effective exploitation. Some main tasks are solved in the work: definition of influence of indirect measurements on diagnosis accuracy and research of reliability of measurement results. The first task was formulated for the reason that after accomplishing of literature review it was defined that for dynamic research of centrifugal milk separators with vibration damping systems small attention was pointed. The second is connected with solution of the third task, because at measurement of values very important is to evaluate reliability of oscillation measurement results. Dissertation is composed of introduction, three chapters and summarize of results. Actuality of the problem is analyzed in the introduction chapter, aim and tasks of the work are formulated, scientific novelty of the work is described, author’s reports and publications, dissertation structure are introduced. The first chapter is destined for literature review. Research of dynamic characteristics of centrifugal milk separators, containing rotors with vibration damping systems, analysis of rolling bearing faults, analysis of vibration measurement systems and their errors are presented. At the end of the chapter conclusions are formulated and tasks of the dissertation are corrected. At the second chapter mathematical and dynamic models of the analyzed system are presented and their modelling is accomplished. At the third chapter vibrations and diagnostic measurements of centrifugal milk separator elements at laboratory and production conditions are experimentally researched.Methodic of uncertainty evaluation of vibration measurement systems is also proposed in this chapter.

5 papers are published and 5 reports are presented in Lithuanian and other country conferences on the subject of the dissertation: three – paper selections, included into Thomson ISI lists, one – in conference proceedings, two – in INSPEC data basis cited materials, two – in reviewed material of international conferences and two – in location conference materials.

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