Creation of decision support system for real estate sector crisis prevention

Paulius Kazokaitis

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation investigates the issues of real estate crisis prevention. The main purpose of the dissertation is to create the decision support system of real estate sector and its particular segments’ crisis prevention, and using this model to do experimental investigation.

The dissertation accomplished analysis of real estate crisis management models and systems, created in the world. There was suggested a model of real estate crisis and by using it, was created decision support system, which is appropriated for briefing about possible real estate crisis and for introduction of recommendations, which will assist to avoid crisis or reduce it‘s negative results. The dissertation accomplished experimental investigation of system, in purpose to check it‘s efficiency, accuracy and suitability to use it for interested groups.

The dissertation consists of an introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, a list of references, a list of author’s publications on the research topic and two appendixes.

The introductory chapter discusses the problem of research, topicality of the dissertation, describes the object of research, formulates the aim and tasks of dissertation, describes the methodology, scientific novelty, results practical significance of research, and the defended propositions. In the end of introductory chapter is introduced author‘s publications and announcements by the theme of dissertation, and the structure of dissertation.

Chapter 1 revises used literature. Analysis of models and systems in real estate crisis management is performed. At the end of the chapter, conclusions are drawn and the tasks for the dissertation are reconsidered.

Chapter 2 introduces the model of crisis prevention for real estate sector and it’s particular segments, properly describes the basic elements of the model, discusses interactions among the emements. This chapter describes different kinds of multicriteria methods used for real estate sector and it’s particular segments’ analysis, provides the instructions of use and opportunities to apply.

Chapter 3 presents experimental investigation of real estate crisis created by using author‘s decision support system. Variant design and multicriteria analysis of real estate crisis management is accomplished in this chapter. Preparation of initial data is represented, process of analysis and the main acting principles of decision support system is described.

6 articles focusing on the subject of the discussed dissertation are published: three articles – in the publicition noticed by science in Lithuania, three – in the publicition noticed by science of foreign countries. 7 presentations on the subject have been given in conferences in Belarus, Hong Kong, Vietnam and China.

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