Human resources management within the context of cohesion processes in the European Union

Liudmila Lobanova

Doctoral dissertation

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The subject of the scientific investigation of the dissertation is problems of improving human resources management and making human resources management instruments more efficient under conditions of European integration and the development and expansion of the European Union in response to the cohesion needs and challenges. The scientific problem addressed in the dissertation reflects the necessity to take into consideration the appropriate response to the new challenges in human resources management practice, which are determined by convergence and cohesion processes. The main objective of the dissertation is to develop an adequate human resources management model intended for a purposeful response to the challenges determined by the cohesion processes in the European Union that are posed to the activities of the organisations. The sphere of application of the developed model is the activity of different organisations in the business and public sector, as well as solutions of public administration devoted to purposefully enhancing cohesion at the regional or national levels.

The dissertation consists of the Introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, lists of references and the author’s publications. The problem under investigations, the relevance of work, the subject of the investigations are discussed and the objective and goals of the dissertation are formulated, the research methods, scientific innovation, practical significance of the results of the work, as well as the statements to be defended, are characterised in the Introduction. In the First Chapter the variety of cohesion phenomena is revealed, the classification of cohesion types and circumstances is made, the concept of the change in the human resources management paradigms within the context of cohesion needs is offered. A conceptually new human resources management model oriented towards management solutions enabling the organisations not only to respond to the challenges posed by the cohesion processes but also to implement general European human resources management standards, to purposefully implement the principles of the cohesion policy and to adequately take into consideration the multiple circumstances of the cohesion processes is developed in the Second Chapter. In the Third Chapter human resources management models and practices applied in present-day organisations giving priority to their adequacy to the needs determined by cohesion in the European Union are assessed. The proposed human resources management model is approved in Lithuanian and Latvian organisations as typical countries affected by the European Union cohesion processes.

A total of 12 articles has been published on the theme of the dissertation. One of them has been included in the ISI Web of Science database, seven have been published in other peer review international journals, four articles are printed in peer review material of international and national conferences. The research results of the dissertation have been presented at nine scientific conferences and scientific seminars in Lithuania and abroad.

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