The investigation of multifunctional nickel-aluminium coatings on aluminium-magnesium alloys

Raimonda Lukauskaitė

Doctoral dissertation

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The formation of nickel-aluminium coatings on aluminium-magnesium alloys substrate is discussed in the dissertation. The aim of the dissertation is to 
examine the influence of different methods for the substrate cleaning and the parameters of the plasma spraying process on the process of formation of nickel-aluminium coatings on aluminium-magnesium alloys (Mg ≈ 2.6‒3.6%) as well as on the physical properties and performance of the coatings. In the work, the following principal objectives are tackled: to establish the characteristics of the surface of Al-Mg alloy substrate after application of different surface cleaning methods and to assess the influence of the mentioned factors and the substrate heating temperature on the splats formation process; to optimize the parameters of plasma spraying process and to form the wear- and corrosion-resistant coating on the surface of Al-Mg alloy; to analyze the phases of the microstructure and performance of sprayed nickel-aluminium coatings.

The dissertation includes the introduction, three chapters, generalization of the results, the list of references, the lists of the scientific publications by the 
author on the subject of the dissertation and 6 annexes. In the introduction, the problem under examination and the relevance of the work are discussed upon, the object of research is described, the aim and objectives of the work are formulated, the methods of research are described, the scientific novelty of the work is substantiated, and the practical importance of its results and the statements under defence are described.  In the end of the introduction, the author’s publications, reports at conferences related to the subjects and the structure of the dissertation are presented. In the Chapter 1, the peculiarities of the thermal spray technologies as well as the plasma sprayed coatings onto Al alloys and their formation are reviewed. In addition, methods for cleaning the surface of Al-Mg alloys, their influence on formation of the splats and the impact of various factors upon adhesion and cohesion of the sprayed coatings are analyzed. In the Chapter 2, the methods for cleaning the surface of Al-Mg alloys are presented, the materials and equipment used for research are described and the methods of investigation of the used materials and their properties are provided. In the Chapter 3, the investigation of the used materials, the results of the research on parameters optimization of the substrate cathodic cleaning and plasma spraying, the investigation of the characteristics of the cleaned surfaces of Al-Mg alloys substrates, the peculiarities of formation of nickel-aluminium splats, the results of investigation of the phasic components of the microstructure of the sprayed coating and its properties are provided and analyzed. The materials of the dissertation were published in 9 scientific articles and the results of the research were presented at 13 scientific conferences in Lithuania and abroad.

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