Investigation of the properties of paper prints as composite materials

Simona Grigaliūnienė

Doctoral dissertation

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Mechanical and colour properties of different structure prints on paper as composite materials are investigated in the present dissertation. The objects of the research are tensile strength, elastic, friction and colour properties of composite materials formed using different printing technologies. The aim of the thesis is to investigate comprehensively mentioned characteristics of prints made with different printing technologies on different papers and comparing print properties with paper characteristics to reveal the regularities of the properties changes during printing.

The objectives of the dissertation are: experimental investigation of prints mechanical and optical properties; analysis of the regularities of their change as compared with paper; identification of paper and prints elastic parameters using finite element method and inverse engineering problem concept.

The dissertation consists of four parts including introduction, 3 chapters, general conclusions, references, list of publications by the author on the topic of the dissertation and annexes.

The investigated problem is formulated, the relevance of the thesis is discussed and the object of the research is described in the introductory part. In addition, the aim and objectives, the defendend statements are formulated, the research methodology, scientific novelty and the practical significance of the results obtained are described. In Chapter 1 are reviewed publications on paper and prints mechanical and colour properties are reviewed in Chapter 1. Different printing technologies and formation of the composite materials in printing processes are discussed. Also, the investigation methods of composite materials are reviewed. On the basis of the published data conclusions on the work tasks are formulated. In Chapter 2 research methodology and used materials are described in detail. Data of investigation of the mechanical and colour properties of prints are presented in Chapter 3. Mechanical and colour characteristics of prints made with different printing technologies on papers having different structure (coated, uncoated, special ink jet) were investigated. Results of the identification of elastic properties are presented and discussed in 11 publications published on the subject of the dissertation: two articles – in the Thomson ISI Web of science journals having IF, one article – in conference proceedings referred in Thomson ISI data base, seven publications referred in other international data bases. 14 presentations on the subject of the dissertation were presented in national and international conferences.

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