Investigation of building composites with fibre hemp shives

Giedrius Balčiūnas

Doctoral dissertation

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The properties of ecological composite materials, with fibre hemp shives, used as an aggregate were analyzed in the current thesis.

The main objects of the research are fibre hemp shives (FHS), binding materials such as cement and sapropel also the properties of the composite materials, composed of FHS and binding materials, which have been already mentioned above. The main aim of the thesis is to develop composition of the forming mixture and forming technology for the ecological multifunctional composite.

This thesis consists of introduction, three main chapters, general conclusions, references and author’s publications on the topic of the dissertation. The first chapter is designed for the literature review. In this chapter general information about composite materials, analysis of fiber hemp treatment and application capabilities can be found. Also general information about fiber hemp, its application capabilities in construction chapter, review of its properties are provided. The literature connected with binding materials that were used in this analysis were reviewed, also cement as a binding material and processes occurring during its curing were analyzed for more details. In this chapter composite material properties that were filled with FHS were analyzed. In the ending of this chapter conclusions of literature reviews and thesis objectives are defined.

The materials used in the research and the characteristics of their main properties were described in the second chapter. Also, methods and equipment used in this thesis were described.

The research results of the FHS aggregate properties and structure analysis were presented in the third chapter. Composite material that is bonded with sapropel binding material analysis was presented. Proportional quantity of binding material, FHS fractional dimensions, technological parameters like forming mixture pressing pressure, effect of additives for physical and mechanical properties were determined. Also microstructure of composite material was analyzed. Composite material bound with cement was investigated, rational quantities of mineralizing and plasticizing additives were determined, mechanical, physical and microstructural properties were investigated, x–ray analysis was conducted.

5 articles have been published on the topic of the dissertation: 1 in journal listed in the Thomson Reuters ISI Web of Science database, 2 in peer–reviewed conference proceedings referenced in the Thomson Reuters database, 1 article published in international peer–reviewed journal, 1 article published in republican conference materials. The research results of the dissertation have been presented in 8 scientific conferences in Lithuania and other countries.

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