Research of the dynamical parameters of vehicle moving in turning trajectory by slip mode

Vidas Žuraulis

Doctoral dissertation

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In the thesis, the link of dynamic parameters of a cornering vehicle with the parameters of tiremarks is discussed upon. Investigating a traffic accidents, the initial velocity of the cornering vehicle having slipped from the trajectory is established according to the radius of the trajectory of the tiremarks that’s value is very important in respect of directly measured parameters of the tiremark. In the work, a developed skidcar system is used for investigation of the vehicle moving in the slip mode and the methodology based on principles of photogrammetry is applied for precise establishing the tra-jectory of the tiremarks.

The thesis includes the introduction, four chapters, general conclusions, the list of references, the list of publications of the author on the subject of the thesis and six annexes.

In the introduction, the problem under research is formulated and topicality of the thesis is proved. The object of research and the aim of the thesis are described; the tasks of the thesis are formulated; the research methods, the scientific novelty of the thesis, the practical significance of the achieved results and the defended statements are described. The introduction is finished with author’s publications concerning investigated topic, presentations at conferences and seminars and the structure of the thesis are provided.

In the first chapter, sources of scientific literature on the subject of the thesis are reviewed. An analysis of the most important parameters and critical indicators of stability of a cornering vehicle is presented. The trend of application of simulators in research works and the investigations of tiremarks’ are reviewed.

In the second chapter, the developed skidcar system is presented and a mathematical model of 22 degrees of freedom is formed.

In the chapter three, the methods of experimental research and the used equipment are presented. The impact of the skidcar system is evaluated according to the dynamic characteristics of the vehicle obtained by steady–state cornering manoeuvre. In this chapter, a critical vehicle speed establishing algorithm and the method for reconstructing the trajectory of tiremarks based on the applicable principles of photogrammetry were developed.

In the chapter four, the results of the experimental research and mathematical modeling are analyzed; according to them, the dependences between the parameters describing the trajectory of the vehicle and its velocity are found.

12 scientific papers on the subject of the thesis have been published: three publications have been included in the Thomson ISI Web of Science journals;  nine publications were published in other peer-reviewed journals. Nine reports on the subject of the thesis have been presented at scientific conferences in Lithuania and five – at scientific conferences and seminars abroad.

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