Evaluation of factors affecting labour productivity in globalization context

Alma Mačiulytė-Šniukienė

Doctoral dissertation

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The doctoral thesis explores the direct impact of factors on labour productivity in European Union countries in globalization context. The research object is labour productivity and the impact of factors on labour productivity of the countries partitioned into clusters according to labour productivity and globalization levels. The doctoral thesis uses the theoretical concepts and the retrospective empirical research to identify the factors that affect labour productivity and to modify endogenous productivity function. The research goal is to develop labour productivity evaluation model in globalization context. The model is designed for development of economic growth and convergence strategies as well as for modeling the outcomes of their implementation. The objectives of the doctoral thesis are as follows: to identify, to typologize labour productivity factors; to identify the composite index measuring globalization level; to develop and to apply the model for estimating the impact of the factors on labour productivity in EU countries.

The doctoral thesis includes an introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, references and appendices. The introduction defines the research problem, relevance, object, goal and objectives. It introduces the research methodology, originality and practical relevance of the findings. It also summarizes the author’s publications list and conference presentations related to the topic of the doctoral thesis.

The first chapter explores productivity and globalization paradigms and their genesis. It specifies the concepts; identifies, justifies and classifies factors affecting labour productivity. It also modifies endogenous productivity function adjusting it to the globalization context.

The second chapter develops the model that estimates the impact of the factors on labour productivity in globalization context.

The third chapter provides the research methodology and discusses the findings. The key results reveal the impact of the factors on labour productivity in EU countries with varying labour productivity and globalization levels.

The publication list includes 7 papers related to the doctoral thesis: 5 papers are published in peer-reviewed journals indexed in international databases, 2 papers are published in conference proceedings. The findings of the doctoral thesis were presented in 6 conferences including: one Conference for junior researchers, one Conference of Research Council and four international conferences.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20334/2354-M

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