Research of the dynamic system of the low-floor bus suspension and body

Kristina Kilikevičienė

Doctoral dissertation

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When increasing bus driving safety and comfort needs vibrations and their impact have growing influence. A number of new scientific and technical tasks must be resolved to evaluate the impact of vibrations for a city bus. The dissertation focuses on a composite assessment of the changes of dynamic characteristics of urban low-floor bus together evaluating the changes of operating conditions and then provide with recommendations for urban bus design.

The thesis addresses to a number of key tasks: detection of the impact of vibrations for the work quality – comfort of urban low-floor bus; composition of dynamic and mathematical models of the bus; performance of experimental modal analysis; composition of covariance model of the parameters of vibrational signal.

The dissertation consists of Introduction, 3 chapters, and general conclusions.

The introduction reveals the investigated problem, importance of the thesis and the object of research and describes the purpose and tasks of the thesis, research methodology, scientific novelty, the practical significance of results examined in the thesis and defended statements. The introduction ends in presenting the author’s publications on the subject of the dissertation, offering the material of made presentations in conferences and defining the structure of the dissertation.

Chapter 1 revises the used literature. It analyzes the ride quality – comfort evaluations. Conclusions are drawn and the tasks of the dissertation are reconsidered at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 2 introduces with analyzed dynamic and mathematical models as well as performed test system modelling.

Chapter 3 experimentally investigates vibrations of environment and elements of urban low-floor bus. Furthermore, low-floor bus experimental modal analysis is performed and covariance model of vibrational signal parameters of significant bus points is designed in this chapter.

4 articles focusing on the subject of the discussed dissertation are published: one article – in the Thomson ISI database, three – in the journals quoted in Index Copernicus data base. 5 presentations on the subject have been given in conferences at national and international level.

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