Behaviour investigation and modelling of the semi-rigid timber-steel connections

Tomas Gečys

Doctoral dissertation

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An innovative semi-rigid timber-steel connection, which is used for beam-to-beam connection, is investigated in the present dissertation. The aim of the dissertation is the implementation of the component method for the theoretical calculations of moment resistance and rotational stiffness of the semi-rigid timber-steel connection. The presented component method algorithm is developed based on the component method used for calculations of semi-rigid steel connections. Resistance and stiffness coefficient of each component is developed from the finite element modelling and experimental investigation results.

The dissertation consists of introduction, four chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, the list of references, the list of scientific publications by the author on the topic of the dissertation and summary in English.

The introduction reveals the investigated problem, importance of the thesis and the object of research. Tasks and aims are formulated; research methodology, scientific novelty, practical value of results, defended propositions and the scope of the scientific work are presented. The introduction ends in presenting the author’s publications and conference presentations on the subject of the defended dissertation and defining the structure of the dissertation.

Chapter 1 presents the previous scientific investigations by other authors and the structure of investigated semi-rigid timber-steel connection is described further.

Chapter 2 reveals the performed natural laboratory experiments of the analysed connection. The expected laboratory failure modes of the connection are described, also the moment resistances and rotational stiffness values are given.

The finite element analysis of the connection is presented in the chapter 3. The detailed explanation of the 3D finite element model is presented. The parametric analysis is performed with an aim to determine the influence of different parameters on the moment resistance and rotational stiffness.

Chapter 4 presents the developed component method for the analysed semi rigid timber-steel connection in terms on theoretical determination of moment resistance and rotational stiffness. Some expressions of the bearing capacity and stiffness coefficients are developed for the newly presented components in the connection. Chapter 4 ends with a detailed geometrical parameter analysis of the connection using the presented component method.

8 scientific articles were published on the topic of the dissertation: two – in scientific journals included in the Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge (ISI Web of Science), one – in the ISI Proceedings, one – in other proceedings of international conferences, three – in other databases and one – in the Lithuanian conference proceedings.

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