Multi-purpose selectonovation of an optimal thermal insulation layer for building envelopes

Donatas Aviža

Doctoral dissertation

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The building envelopes' optimal thermal insulation layer selection problem is investigated and multi-attribute assessment system in order to solve this problem is applied in the present thesis.

The main object of this thesis is to propose building envelopes' optimal thermal insulation layer multi-purpose selectonovation integrated decision making model and its algorithm as well as to adapt to the model which is in the process of creation the available proper quantitative multi-attribute decision making methods and to propose their combinations in order to determine an effective thermal insulation layer for building envelopes.

The thesis consists of the following parts: introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, references, the List of scientific publications by the author on the subject of the thesis and annexes.

The Introduction reveals the investigated problem, relevance of the thesis and the object of research. It describes the purpose, the tasks and scientific novelty of the paper, provides the defended statements. The structure of the dissertation, author's publications and conferences presentations are provided at the end of the introduction.

Chapter 1 reviews literature and scientific investigations on the subject of the thesis. The empirical investigations of building energy performance assessment and optimal pricing are reviewed. The problems in foreign countries and in Lithuania related with the subject of the thesis are introduced. A survey of multi-attribute decision making methods and analysis regarding their applicability in case of solving the problem of thesis are presented. At the end of the Chapter the conclusions are formulated and the tasks of thesis are specified.

Chapter 2 introduces theoretical model of multi-purpose selectonovation integrated decision making (MSIDM) system. The empirical investigation of climate influence on the thermal insulation layers is presented, the methodology of building envelopes coefficients of heat transmission, heat loss and calculation of savings is defined. Rational multi-attribute assessment methods combinations were proposed which are suitable to solve the analysed task.

Chapter 3 presents MSIDM model practical application for the assessment of selection of the detached residential building envelopes optimal thermal insulation layer and represents the comparison of the obtained results.

Twelve scientific articles were published on the subject of this thesis, three of them were peer-reviewed by the cited journals from database Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge (ISI Web of Science), eight articles were presented in the proceedings of scientific conferences and one article – in the other peer-reviewed publication. 

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