Impact of additives and lightweight aggregates on the structure and properties of thermal insulating cementitious composite

Jurga Šeputytė-Jucikė

Doctoral dissertation

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The impact of additives (pozzolanic, superplasticizing and air-entraining) on cementitious matrix as well as thermal insulating composite with lightweight aggregates – cellular glass beads and crushed expanded polystyrene waste are analysed. The main object of the research is to investigate the complex impact of all three additives on cementitious matrix, select technological parameters for cementitious matrix formation and develop thermal insulating composite from modified cementitious matrix and lightweight aggregates.

The thesis consists of introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, references and the list of author’s publications related to thesis topic.

The first chapter is designed for literature review. It presents the general information about the hydration process of Portland cement, pozzolanic additives and their application, plasticizing, air-entraining admixtures and their operating principles. This chapter as well gives the information about lightweight aggregates for composites, lightweight composites and presents the literature analysis about cementitious composites with lightweight aggregates. Conclusions and objectives of the thesis are formulated at the end of this chapter.

The second chapter consists of materials used for the research and their characteristics. Compositions of cementitious matrix and thermal insulating composites are presented; methods and equipment used for the research are described.

The third chapter presents the impact of pozzolanic, plasticizing and air-entraining additives on structure and properties of cementitious matrix and cementitious stone as well as physical-mechanical properties and structure of lightweight aggregates. The performance and structure research of composites in one case with cellular glass beads as an aggregate and modified cementitious matrix and in another case with cellular glass beads and crushed expanded polystyrene waste as aggregates and modified cementitious matrix are presented.

4 scientific articles are published on the topic of the dissertation: one in scientific journal included in the Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge (ISI Web of Science) with a citation index, two – in scientific journals of international databases; one – in the Lithuanian conference proceedings. Results of this thesis were presented in 4 conferences in Lithuania and other countries. One patent is received.

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