International business negotiation strategies based on assessments of negotiating power

Kęstutis Peleckis

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation examines relevant issues which are absent in management and business management theory. Theoretical solutions are analyzed to assess the bargaining power in international business negotiations, especially in view of the extremely urgent circumstances of multiculturalism, international business development, the opportunities to apply distant technologies and to carry out negotiations in electronic space. The object of research is the strategies of international business negotiations.

The aim of the dissertation – to establish and verify model for the development and implementation of international business negotiation strategies, based on negotiation power assessments. The dissertation consists of an introduction, three chapters, conclusions, references and a list of publications on the dissertation issues and eight appendices. Introductory chapter discusses the research problem, the relevance of research, describes the aim and objectives, the research methodology, scientific novelty, the results of practical significance, the defended statements.

Introductory chapter is concluded with the dissertation author's publications and reports of conferences, dissertation structure.

The first chapter is devoted to an overview of scientific literature. There is a theoretical study on the negotiations of international business and their strategies. There are also analyzed the international business negotiation support systems, based on the use of information technologies, development needs and perspectives.

The second chapter presents the designed model for international business negotiation strategy development and implementation, based on the negotiation power assessments. This chapter presents an algorithm for preparation negotiations strategies, designed by author and described in the empirical research methodology. The algorithm is based on model created by the author for negotiating strategy development and implementation.

In the third chapter, after checking algorithm, offered by author, were provided results of the five empirical studies. There were examined typical cases of international business negotiations in different sectors of the economy, presented the prospects of the use of the algorithm.

The main research results were published in 13 scientific articles: one – in International Conference Journal, which is assessed by Thomson Reuters database Proceedings, ten – in other international databases publications, two – in conference collections, made 11 reports at conferences on of the dissertation theme in Lithuania and other countries. 

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