Influence of cyclic loading, frost and humidity on reinforcement anchorage zone behavior of prestressed concrete sleepers

Aidas Jokūbaitis

Doctoral dissertation

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The behavior of rail seat section of prestressed concrete sleepers exploited in an open environment and affected by external forces and atmospheric impacts are analysed in the dissertation. Bond of steel strands, cracking, and deformations of prestressed concrete sleepers are analysed under the influence of static and cyclic loadings. The main task of a thesis is determine causes of cracking of rail seat section of sleepers under the influence of static and cyclic loadings and environmental impacts.

Thesis consists of introduction, three main chapters, conclusions, references and a list of author’s publications on thesis topic.

The introductory chapter discusses the research problem, the relevance of the thesis and research object, formulates the aim and tasks of the thesis, describes research methodology, the scientific novelty and practical significance of the results.

The chapter 1 discusses the main causes of damage of prestressed concrete sleepers. The models describing the bond between reinforcement and concrete and the methods of crack width calculation for prestressed concrete elements for static and cyclic loadings are presented. At the end of the chapter conclusions are presented which allow formulate tasks of the thesis.

The chapter 2 describes the experimental research and results of rail seat section of sleepers and bond between steel strands and concrete. The specimens, their production and test methods are reviewed. The results of cracking and concrete deformations at rail seat section of sleepers and bond of steel strands under static and cyclic loadings and atmospheric impacts are provided.

Static and dynamic parameters assessing the bond between three wire steel strand and concrete are proposed in chapter 3 and they are applied to calculate the crack width. The method for crack width calculation for variable amplitude unidirectional cyclic loading is proposed. The analytical crack width calculations were performed and compared with experimental crack widths of rail seat section of prestressed concrete sleepers.

At the end of the work general conclusions are provided.

The topic of the thesis was discussed in six articles: 2 – in ISI Web of Science databases, 3 – in scientific journal of international databases, one – in conference proceedings. Three presentations on the topic of the dissertation were performed in conferences at national and international level (1 of them in international conference).

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