Investigation of viscoelastic damping models of particles contact

Evaldas Zdancevičius

Doctoral dissertation

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In the present thesis the viscoelastic damping models used in the discrete element method are examined. The aim of the research is to investigate already existing viscoelastic damping models, to analyze their parameters and to create the new viscoelastic damping methodology suitable for the normal contact of the particles.

The thesis consists of the introduction, three chapters, the general conclusions, the lists of the references and publications. In the introduction, the problem of the investigation, the research aim, the used methods, the novelty as well as the practical significance and defended statements are presented. At the end of the introduction, the structure of the thesis, the approbation of the results in conferences and publications list is provided.

Chapter 1 is dedicated to presenting the conception of the discrete element method, to collect and summarize the information on the already existing viscoelastic damping models. At the end of the chapter, the aims of the thesis are specified and the conclusions are formulated.

In Chapter 2 the nondimensional analysis is applied to create new generalized viscoelastic damping method. A numerical examination and assessment of the already existing viscoelastic damping models is conducted by modeling the contact of two particles and behavior of the chains of the particles. The numerical results of the theoretical calculations are compared with the known experimental data provided in the literature. The recommendations on the applicability of the most popular already existing damping models in the discrete element method are formed.

In Chapter 3 the new methodology of the viscoelastic damping of the normal contact is created. The created methodology takes into account the dependence of the coefficient of restitution on the initial contact velocity. The effectiveness of the new methodology is illustrated by calculations of the coefficients of restitution of the normal contact of two particles of several kind of material. The calculated results are compared with the experimental data provided in the literature.

3 articles focusing on the subject of the discussed dissertation are published: two articles in “ISI Web of Science“ database and one article – in other database journal. 9 presentations on the subject have been given in conferences at national and international level.

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