An intelligent investment strategy for return sustainability in global equity markets

Alina Kvietkauskienė

Doctoral dissertation

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The increasing amount of available information on the activities of stock markets and issuers, a rapid expansion of stock markets (increasing market capitalization, growing number of listed companies) and the intensive growth of globalization processes, does not always help investors to make effective investment decisions. Therefore, the issue of stock markets and stock selection for the formation of investment portfolios is particularly important to investors. Although, the issuer’s financial data and the databases of financial markets are very detailed and able to characterise many of the features of the subject being analysed, these data are not fully provided for the purpose of sustainable investments. This problem is being solved in the dissertation – searching ways, how to apply and combine the most commonly used individual methods for equity market selection, stocks selection and investment portfolio formation, thus using statistical data, which are already available, for assessing the markets of different development levels and for the selection of particular stocks to achieve the investment return sustainability.

The aim of the dissertation is to develop a methodology for the implementation of intelligent investment strategy in equity markets, which provides opportunities for achieving investment return sustainability in financial markets for various investors.

The dissertation consists of an introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, literature reference list (283 publications), list of scientific publications by the author on the topic of the dissertation (23 publications), summary in Lithuanian and 8 annexes. The volume of the dissertation is 157 pages, excluding annexes. Text contains 20 numbered formulas, 36 figures and 26 tables.

The factors of globalization, which have an influence on financial markets behaviour, were analysed, the possibilities of classical investment methods application for the stock markets and particular stock selection as well as the links between various economic indicators and stock market returns were examined, the concepts of investment return sustainability and intelligent investment strategy were expanded in the first chapter. The methodology of stock markets evaluation, stock selection and intelligent investment strategy for investor is proposed in the second chapter. Experimental and numerical results of the intelligent investment strategy implementation are presented in the final chapter.

23 articles on the topic of the dissertation has been published: six of them in the journals, abstracted and indexed in scientific international databases, three in other peer-reviewed scientific journals, eleven in conferences proceedings and three in the conferences proceedings referred by the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science. The results of the dissertation were presented at ten scientific conferences.

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