The formation and investigation of multifunctional surfaces from iron-nickel-cobalt powder materials

Vladislav Markovič

Doctoral dissertation

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In the thesis, sintered products formed from Fe-Ni-Co powder base using selective laser sintering that are used in variuos indoustries (for example in production of plastic injection tools) in severe working conditions are investigated. Laser microprocessing was used to improve performance and multifuncionality of the sintered surfaces. Laser microprocessing – is a laser machining process, where laser impact is measured in microscale. The aim of the dissertation is to investigate and create a multifunctional powder base surface and to determine the relationship between the change in the technological parameters of the laser beam microprocessing and the qualitative characteristics of the treated surface. The goal is to improve the performance of the sintered surface and give it new quality characteristics. It will help to save production time and economical resources.

The thesis includes the introduction, three chapters, the general conclusions, the list of reference, the list of publications of the author and five annexes. In the introduction, the problem under the investigation and the topicality of the work are discussed upon, the object of the investigation is described, the aim and the tasks of the work are formulated, the research methods, the scientific novelty of the work, the practical significance of its results and the defended statement are described. In the end of the introduction, publications of the author and his reports at conference on the subject of the thesis as well as the structure of the thesis are presented. In the Chapter 1, features of additive production, physical principles and application of sintering technology, processing of sintered products by traditional and innovative methods, methods for modifying sintered surfaces are reviewed. At the end of the chapter conclusions are formulated and the tasks of the dissertation are revised. In the Chapter 2, the equipment and raw material used in the work and its properties and applied research methods are described. In the Chapter 3, structure analysis of the sintered and modified products, microstructures of the processed and non processed surfaces, morphology and topographics analysis, microhardness, wear and corrosion resistance analysis results are presented and discussed. Materials of the thesis have been published in eight scientific publications and presented at 10 scientific conferences held in Lithuania and abroad.

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