Production technology of machines and instruments. Methodical instructions and data for laboratory tests and course projects

Andrejus Henrikas Marcinkevičius

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Methodic material is allotted to Production Technology of Machines and Instruments subject laboratory and course work. Methodical instructions of laboratory tests consists of test description and contents of the report. Some of the contents sheets may be used directly for filling the work report in them, it is only necessary to make copies of these sheets. For this reason such sheets are printed on separate paper leaves

Methodical instructions of the course project show the way in which the work must be done and the main requirements of the project. Data necessary for project calculations and decision making are presented additionally in appendixes. These are the data for the selection of the blank of the part and calculation its dimensions and tolerances (Appendix 2), data for the design and calculation of a process plan and its operations (Appendix 3), instruction how to fill the process plan and operational sheets and examples of these sheets (Appendix 4). Because such sheets will be necessary for students, examples of these sheets are presented at the end of the book and the students may do their copies.

Methodics of the course work in some case is similar to methodics of the final work. The data presented in this publication will be useful for performing the task of the final work. For this reason the data of this publication may be used for final work. Some of the data will also be useful in studies and calculations of the subject “Metal Cutting Theory and Cutting Tools”.

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