Model for the integration of sustainable mobility measures according to the infrastructure of the urban mobility system

Jonas Damidavičius

Doctoral dissertation

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The PhD thesis (hereinafter – the thesis) deals with urban mobility systems in line to the principles of sustainable development. The object of the conducted research is to determine the impact of the applied urban mobility infrastructure and mobility measures on the general mobility system in the different types of cities. The aim of the thesis is to propose a methodology for assessing urban mobility system development considering the principles of sustainable development, which helps properly select the most effective urban mobility infrastructure and mobility measures in view of the city type and urban characteristics.

The main tasks solved in the paper embrace assessing quantitative and qualitative parameters for the urban sustainable mobility system employing the developed set of urban mobility infrastructure and mobility measures.

The thesis consists of the introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, the lists of references and author's publications related to the topic of the thesis and 8 appendices.

The introduction briefly discusses the research problem, emphasizes the relevance of the paper, describes the object of research, forms the aim and objectives of the thesis, defines the scientific novelty of the paper and presents the statements to be defended.

Chapter 1 reviews European and national goals in the transport sector, provides the challenges and opportunities of urban mobility systems and examines the processes of sustainable mobility system development.

Chapter 2 describes the sets of mobility measures and the principles of designing mobility instruments and identifies the significance of the measures used. The chapter analyses multi-criteria decision making methods, introduces decision-making algorithms and mathematical descriptions, portrays the principles of formulating and assessing the concepts of sustainable mobility system development and scenarios as well as sets up a monitoring system.

Chapter 3 the assesses the current and expected situation of sustainable mobility systems in the selected Lithuanian cities pursuant to the principles of sustainable development and multi-criteria decision making methods. The chapter summarizes the findings of the performed assessment and devises a system of recommendations for developing and assessing sustainable mobility systems.

7 research articles exploring the topic of the thesis have been published: three of those are published in the research journals reviewed by Clarivate Analytics Web of Science, one – in other international database, three – in peer-reviewed international conference proceedings. The results of the research were presented in four scientific conferences in Lithuania and abroad.

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