Development and research of an adaptive control system for an autonomous road vehicle

Paulius Skačkauskas

Doctoral dissertation

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In the thesis, the movement patterns of autonomous road vehicles, when different control systems are applied, are investigated and discussed. Development of the control system for the autonomous road vehicle consists of such tasks as the development of the communication system, and the development of the path planning and control approaches. Even when one of the algorithms, which constitute the control system, does not operate reliably enough, in most cases it will not be possible to ensure a safe, accurate, and stable movement of the autonomous road vehicle. Due to this reason, proper performance of the control system is one of the key factors, which is going to have a significant influence on the successful integration of the autonomous road vehicles into the traffic.

The dissertation consists of an introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, the list of the references, the list of the publications of the author on the subject of the thesis and thirteen annexes.

In the introduction the research problem and the relevance of the thesis are named, the object of the research, the aim and tasks of the thesis are also formulated. Furthermore, the research methods, the scientific novelty of the thesis, the practical significance of the achieved results and the defended statements are described. At the end of the introduction the author's publications concerning the investigated topic, the presentations at conferences and seminars, and the structure of the thesis are provided.

First chapter presents the literature review of the scientific research papers which are related to the topic of the thesis. The classification system of the autonomous road vehicles is described, and the mathematical models, path planning and control algorithms, which are applied when developing the control systems of the autonomous road vehicles, are analysed.

Second chapter presents and describes the development of the path planning and control algorithms, as well as the development of the non-adaptive and adaptive control systems.

In the third chapter the methods of experimental research, the developed first level autonomous road vehicle prototype and the communication system of the vehicle are described. The analysis of the results of the experimental test drives is performed.

Eight research papers on the subject of the thesis have been published: two publications have been published in scientific journals that are included in the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science database, two have been published in other peer-reviewed journals, and four publications have been published in the peer-reviewed proceedings of international conferences.

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