A study on the options of means for railway passenger transportation

Stasys Dailydka

Doctoral dissertation

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This thesis investigates means, methods and instruments enabling to decrease losses in relation to passenger transportation by railways at local routes. During the recent time, due to objective reasons, the number of passengers decreased substantially due to the decreasing income of people, and losses of the railways are increasing.

The thesis presents complex means for minimizing of the loses in this areas. Train set formation mathematical model enables to optimise train sets and traction type for each route, and the analysis of passenger comfort improvement conditions should ensure the feasibility to attract more passengers to chose railway transportation, and at the same time – to increase income level in the sector of passenger transportation.

The first chapter analyses research works of the recent years related to the search of the best conditions for passenger transportation both on the organizational side, and on the side of passenger comfort improvements.

The second chapter analyses the present situation in the railway system of Lithuania on the basis of specified routes, problems are identified in the passenger transportation sector, together with the tasks for the future, passenger inventory condition and investment needs are defined.

The third chapter is devoted for making up of a mathematic model for rational solutions of train sets on the basis of passenger number dynamics and traction types. The significance of the model is shown for certain characteristic sectors with fluctuating passenger number dynamics where multiple traction options can be used.

The fourth chapter analyses various means for passenger comfort improvement. One of the most important aspects – decreasing of vibrations in carriages which are harmful to human health. Target function was made up which provides the enables the selection of carriage (undertrack) suspension optical dynamic coefficients in relation to carriage vibrations at various speeds and track irregularities.

The thesis ends with conclusions and summary of the results.

The author of this thesis published 7 research (scientific) articles: 4 articles at ISI WEB of Science magazines; 2 articles – at research review magazines in English, German, and French languages; 1 article – at reviewed materials of an international conference held in Lithuania. S. Dailydka is one of the co-authors of study books “Traukos riedmenų elektros pavaros ir jų valdymas” (Traction Rolling-Stock Electric Drives and their Operation).

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20334/1876-M

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