Research and assessment of the total carbon content and carbon dioxide emissions from soils of different land-use purpose

Mantas Pranskevičius

Doctoral dissertation

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The thesis dealt with the single carbon in the soil and carbon dioxide emission level of the soil relationship. The main research objects of Neris Regional Park Paluknio, Užpaliai Pailiepio and location. The primary aim – to create a total carbon and methodologies to assess what amount of carbon are in soils and carbon dioxide emissions amount.

There are few major challenges: the single-carbon and carbon dioxide emissions by different land use soils. Will create on-task formulated in the light of carbon dioxide release from the soil in conjunction with carbon emissions. The third relates to the modeling, which evaluated changes in single carbon to carbon dioxide emission levels and predictors of dependence on climatic variables.

The thesis consists of an introduction, six chapters, summary and bibliography of publications on the dissertation topic.

Introductory chapter discusses the research problem, the relevance of the description heard shall be the object of research formulates the purpose and objectives, describes the research methodology, scientific novelty, the results of the practical significance of hypotheses. Practical significance of the dissertation sub-published author of publications and conferences, reports and thesis structure.

The first chapter reviews the literature. An overview of information about soil formation energy, materials balance. Assess what determines gas sorption properties of soil and carbon dioxide emissions. Discuss the models used for forecasting the single carbon to carbon dioxide emissions to evaluate the changes. End of this chapter the conclusions are formulated.

The second chapter presents the studies of Neris regional park, Paluknio, and Užpaliai, Pailiepio areas. Available to carry out the research methodology, based on a select sub-objects of research and formulation of conclusions.

The third and fourth section examines the single-carbon, the pH and carbon dioxide emissions from soil tests. The fifth chapter gives a general carbon and carbon dioxide emissions, forecast the results of a simulation model DNDC. In the sixth chapter present the invention for improvement of soil sampling.

5 articles are published on the dissertation topic: two in ISI Web of Science refereed journal, one in Thomson ISI list, one in reviewed Lithuanian conferences materials, one in not reviewed Lithuanian conferences material. 4 conference reports were made in Lithuania on the topic of dissertation.

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