Investigation and evaluation of 137Cs and 90Sr migration from soil to conifer trees

Ingrida Pliopaitė Bataitienė

Doctoral dissertation

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In this dissertation is analysed the transfer of artificial radionuclides (137Cs and 90Sr) from soil to tree. The main goal of this work – to estimate specific activities of 137Cs and 90Sr in selected trees, investigate the peculiarities of these radionuclides distribution in trees, suggest the methodology for estimation of the transfer of radionuclides from soil to tree in tree wood by chemical analog in soil under the tree crown, and to do the forecast of transfer of radionuclides in sys- tem “soil–tree” by the most relevant models.

The main tasks solved in this dissertation are following: to do the radiometric, radiochemical and biological affections researches of selected pines, evaluate the specific activity and concentration in collected samples of investigated radionuclides and their chemical analogs, apperciate the transfer of 137Cs and 90Sr from soil to tree and analyse peculiarities of this process by soil radioactive pollution and plants growing peculiarities; to modelling the spread of 137Cs and 90Sr distribution in system “soil–plant”, the accumulation of these radionuclides in tree and internal doses.

This dissertation consists of introduction, five chapters, the main conclusion and recommendation, bibliography and list of author publications.

In the introduction it is discussed the investigated problem, actualities of work, object of research, scientific novelty and practical significant of this dissertation, protective hypotheses. Additionally it is introduced the publications and presentations of author on the basis of this dissertation and structure of this paper.

In the first chapter it is presented the review of scientific literature on transfer of artificial radionuclides 137Cs and 90Sr in system “soil–tree” and their influenced factors.

In the second chapter you will be able to find the methodology for investigation and simulation of artificial radionuclides 137Cs and 90Sr and their chemical analogs 40K and Ca.

Results of 137Cs and 90Sr and their chemical analogs (40K and Ca) investigation and their analysis are represented in the third chapter.

Simulation results of the spread of 137Cs and 90Sr distribution in system soil– plant and results of internal doses estimation are shown in the fourth chapter.

In the fifth chapter it is presented the methodology to assess the transfer of 137Cs from soil to wood by specific activity of chemical analog 40K of 137Cs in soil under tree crown. By this methodology is prepared application for patent.

15 scientific articles are printed and 10 presentations are read in conferences in Lithuania and other countries on basis of this dissertation.

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