Construction modelling in environment of economic recession

Loreta Kelpšienė

Doctoral dissertation

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The thesis is divided into four chapters including the conclusion’s chapter.

Chapter 1 of the dissertation analyses the concepts of construction as an industry and construction as business. It also summarises scientific research of construction business practices in times of general economic recession and looks into ways to react to complex economic settings.

Chapter 2 analyses the concept of the model of construction projects in environment of economic recession. It also discusses the impact of national policies on the construction sector in Lithuania and abroad. The model of construction in environment of general economic distress is presented and analysed in detail, also the model’s components, factors affecting a construction project, micro, meso and macro-environment, its influence, market features, and possibilities to implement the model in practice.

Chapter 3 involves multi-variant design and multiple criteria analysis of a construction project in environment of economic recession. The suggested model is used to solve practical problems.

Chapter 4 describes the recommendable system for construction projects in environment of economic recession. The chapter details the system’s components: the user interface, the databases in the database module and the models in the model base. The chapter also explains the system’s principle of operation and describes practical problems that were solved.

The main propositions of the dissertation were published in 5 scientific articles and discussed in an international colloquium (The 12th German-Lithuanian-Polish Colloquium „Sustainable Development in Civil Engineering and Multi-Attribute Decision Making“. May 20–24, 2009 Vilnius, Lithuania) and an international conference (International Young Scientists Conference, 29–30 April 2010, Šiauliai, Lithuania).

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