Numerical and experimental investigations of aerosol solid particle interaction in acoustic field

Darius Vainorius

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation deals with the methods of aerosol fine dispersion solid particle (0.1–10 μm) agglomeration efficiency in the acoustic field. The main object of research is the acoustic agglomeration of solid particles. The purpose of the dissertation is to investigate the regularities of the effect of the acoustic field on the agglomeration of solid particles. In order to achieve the set goal, several main tasks are solved in the work. The first is to compile a numerical experimental model to study the agglomeration of solid particles. The second is devoted to the numerical study of particle agglomeration under the action of a propagating wave. The third and fourth are devoted to experimental studies, which include an experimental facility for automotive particulate matter agglomeration and the development of an experimental methodology, as well as an experimental study of the developed, solid particle system for acoustic effects.

The dissertation consists of introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, lists of used literature and author's publications on the topic of the dissertation, summary in English and 4 appendices. The introductory chapter deals with the research problem, the relevance of the thesis, presents the subject of the research, formulates the purpose and tasks of the thesis, describes the research methodology, scientific novelty of the thesis, practical significance of the thesis results, statements defended. The introduction ends with a presentation of the author's publications and presentations at conferences and the structure of the dissertation. The first chapter is devoted to a review of the literature. The influence of aerosol solid particles on human health, their formation sources, the main characteristics of particulate matter, the mechanisms of acoustic agglomeration and the analytical, numerical and experimental research methods of acoustic agglomeration are reviewed. At the end of the chapter, conclusions are formulated, and the tasks of the dissertation are specified. The second chapter presents theoretical studies evaluating the effect of gravitational field and acoustic distance on the acoustic agglomeration of solid particles, and the influence of the boundary layer on the convergence of particles in the acoustic field. The third chapter presents experimental studies of the developed acoustic chamber in the study of the reduction of diesel car emissions into the environment using the developed research methodology.

There are four publications published on the topic of the dissertation: three in scientific journals included in the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science list, one in peer-reviewed scientific journal referenced in other databases. Eight presentations on the subject have been presented in conferences and seminars at national and international level.

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