Research and development of a three-stage biogas production reactor with a modified mixer

Vitalij Kolodynskij

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation deals with the process of biogas production and purification from CO2 and H2S. The main task of the dissertation is to create a three-stage biogas production reactor after studying one-, two-stage biogas production reactors and applying modifications of mechanical mixer design, taking into account theoretical, numerical modeling and experimental research of temperature distribution in an anaerobic chamber. The thesis approaches several tasks. Task 1 is devoted to theoretical studies of temperature stabilization in an anaerobic chamber in order to investigate the heat exchange process. Task 2 is related to experimental studies involving the determination of the effect of biochar additives on biogas quality and yield. Task 3 represents experimental studies of the reactor intermediate chamber and a modified mechanical mixer in order to determine its influence on the quality and yield of biogas. Task 4 is dedicated to experimental research of biogas purification system to evaluate the efficiency of biogas purification from H2S and CO2. Task 5 is related to a numerical modeling to evaluate the temperature distribution in the anaerobic chamber. Task 6 is the development and testing of a three-stage biogas production reactor.

The dissertation consists of an introduction, three chapters, general conclusions, lists of used literature and the author's publications. The introductory chapter discusses the research problem, the relevance of the thesis, the object of research, the aim and objectives of the thesis, the research methodology, the scientific novelty of the thesis, the practical significance of the thesis and defended statements. At the end of the introduction, the author's publications and conference papers on the topic of the dissertation and the structure of the dissertation are presented. The first chapter provides an overview of biodegradable waste generation, biogas energy potential, process of anaerobic digestion, modeling of heat exchange, biogas purification and reactor designs. The second chapter presents the methodologies for theoretical, experimental and modeling research of biogas production process. The third chapter presents the results and its analysis of research for the evaluation of the efficiency of biogas production and purification processes. The conclusions of the third section and the general conclusions are formulated and a recommendation is given.

 8 scientific articles have been published on the topic of the dissertation: five – in scientific journals included in the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science list, one – in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, referenced in other databases, two – in conference proceedings. Two patents of Lithuania were received and an application for a European patent was filed. The results of the research described in the dissertation were presented in ten scientific events in Lithuania and other countries.

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