Optimal allocation of investments for company‘s sustainable development

Indrė Lapinskaitė

Doctoral dissertation

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The object of the dissertation research is the optimal distribution of investment for the company’s sustainable development, treated as a component of marketing investment. For achieving objectives of the thesis and reaching the aim of the the thesis an example of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector’s company was invoked.

The topicality – sustainable development as an object of ongoing discussion – is analyzed in this work in the business level. After the formation of the provision that development in accordance with the principles of sustainability can only be possible by combining three mediums – environmental, social and economic, the work deals with the issues of investment for sustainable development inside of a company, ensuring the rational use of investment for sustainable development, and evaluation of investment return’s and investment riskiness’s measuring. Therefore, the thesis presumes that marketing as a business engine is in a good position and has the power to assume the responsibility for investment of sustainable development. The goal of the work is – the optimal distribution of investment for sustainable company's development among the marketing complex elements by treating the investment of sustainable development as a component of marketing investment.

The dissertation consists of the introduction, three chapters, conclusions, references, and the list of the author’s publications on the topic of the dissertation. The introduction reveals the relevance of the problem, formulates the objective, tasks of the work, and highlights the scientific and practical novelty of the work. The first chapter presents the broad analysis of methodological materials for the development of investment intended for the sustainable development of a company of FMCG. The second chapter is dedicated for the selection of methodology for the distribution of sustainable development investments in a company of FMCG as a marketing investment component. The third chapter provides framing the model for optimal distribution of marketing investment from the sustainable development aspect in FMCG company. All conclusions and recommendations are summarized at the end of the dissertation.

Three presentations in scientific international and national conferences have been presented on the topic of the dissertation and six scientific publications were published: two articles in the Lithuanian scientific journals, one in foreign peer-reviewed international conference papers, three articles in the Lithuanian peer-reviewed international conference papers.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20334/2132-M

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