The measurement of urban competitiveness in complex way on the perspective of sustainable development

Renata Činčikaitė

Doctoral dissertation

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The dissertation thesis analyses the measurement of urban competitiveness based on the principles of sustainable development. The aim of the thesis – to create the urban competitiveness assessment model, allowing to combine the urban competitiveness determining factors into a single coherent framework.

The doctoral dissertation consists of an introduction, three chapters and general conclusions. The introduction involves a formulation of the scientific research problem, justification of its relevance, introduction of the reserach object, the aim and objectives of the research, research methodology, scientific novelty and practical significance of the results obtained and the defended statements.

The first chapter defines and analyzes the concept of a city and competitiveness of the city, based on the principles of sustainable development. The approach to the city, as a constantly changing structure, affecting and affected by the environment, is introduced within the competitiveness assessment context. An overview of a variety of the city 's competitiveness factors and the assessment methods as well as their characteristics.

The second chapter involves formulation of the basic methodological principles for measuring the small cities‘ competitiveness, based on the principle of sustainable development. The key problematic areas and valuation assumptions related to measurement of small cities‘ competitiveness are distinguished. The urban competitiveness assesment model, based on the principles of sustainable development, is formed that combines the basic development, interaction and external environmental factors, grouped by different levels.

The third chapter introduces the results of empirical study on the applicability of the integrated assessment of urban competitiveness model, based on the sustainable development principles. The research was conducted based on the samples of Lithuanian cities and capitals of the Baltic countries. In order to assess the practical applicability of different methods, the strength and sensitivity analysis was conducted.

Summarized results and proposals of the dissertation thesis are introduced in the conclusions.

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