The assessment of building energy functionality in the integrated building design

Vilūnė Lapinskienė

Doctoral dissertation

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The modern building design process is inseperable from the application of new technologies and the co-operation of all groups involved in the project. Therefore, the main goal of this doctoral dissertation – to develop a concept building design technology and a series of procedures, in which the methods and tools applied enable a more efficient design of a building concept that is compatible with the user's initial requirements and the capabilities of the design team.

The dissertation consists of an introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and reference list, a list of publications on the topic of the dissertation by the author and six annexes.

The introductory chapter of the dissertation presents the research problem, relevance of the work, describes the object of the research, formulates the aim and the objectives of the work, research methodology, scientific novelty, practical significance of the work results, defended statements. At the end of the introductory chapter, the publications and reports published by the author on the topic of the dissertation and the structure of the dissertation are presented

The first chapter is devoted for the literature review. It specifies building design methods, modern digital building design process, modeling and optimization tools, passive energy-efficient building design strategies and architectural-structural combinations of building envelope.

The second chapter provides the concept building design technology and describes the methods used in it, in more detail.

The third chapter presents the application of the concept building design technology to assess the building energy functionality and comparison with actual traditional building design process.

The subject of the dissertation is published in 8 articles: 1 is in the collection of articles included in the list of Clarivate Analytics Web of Science, 3 in the conference materials listed in the Proceedings database, 2 in the magazine cited in the Inspec database, 2 in the reviewed international conference materials. On the topic of dissertaction 5 publications were presented at the international conferences in Lithuania and Russia.

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